The recommened browser for this site is firefox; however, most web browsers will work. This website is a Beta version and should be used with caution. This site is a work in progress and should improve over time; more and higher quality content and functionality. The Office of State Lands and Investments (OSLI) currently has two individuals working on the GIS team. Therefore we ask for your patience while dealing with all matters pertinent to this web application.

To find records relevant to our office's business please visit the "Tabular Searches" portion of this website. Currently we offer an easement, grazing, special use lease, temporary use permit, and wind searches; however we plan on offering more searches in the future. Currently, in some cases, records found on this page will tie back to a map. For example, if you click on an underlined easement number (e.g. EAS-04800), the page will reload with a depiction of the easement on a map.

You can also find a map of the area you have questions about by visiting the "Spatial Searches" portion of this website. The map portion of this site currently offers functionality such as printing a map, tracking your location with a mobile device, etc. Please note that this Spatial / Map data should be used only as a guide and for more accurate information a land survey and/or deed should be used. This functionality and more could become available at a time TBD.

Left: Shianne Shelit - GIS Data Technician / Middle: Jack Dangermond - Founder of ESRI / Right: Thomas Storey - GIS Program Manager